…And then there’s grace

Monday Motivation

I’m taking a brief break today from my Missional Mothering posts to write about a burden on my heart, a lesson I’m learning. But it’s a lesson that can totally apply to mothers, as I know so many who fight mommy-guilt and feel defeated as a wife and mother. Here’s a message of hope for you, a little grace for your journey.

We are all failures, missing the mark, falling short. Coping with that truth is grueling. On the one hand, it can haunt you, tainting all of your successes and polluting even life’s brighter moments. You can never move past it or live it down—an inescapable accusation, an unrelenting guilt.

Or, you can push that condemning voice far away and drive yourself to empty success. You can wear yourself out piling one accolade onto another, pushing to do more, to be better, to prove everyone wrong. It’s a fight, in reality, to expunge the guilt. But you can never do enough right to silence that sense of failing.

Most of us live in one of these two places, or we ricochet from one to the other. We punish ourselves over and over, or we battle to justify ourselves before God and others. But really, both stem from the same problem, a symptom of the same disease. We’re sinners, and we are all guilty. But the criminal cannot issue his own sentence, nor can he change the verdict.

But thank God there’s grace, the only way to truly silence that voice. “There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ.”  When the accusing voice whispers it’s poison, there’s grace to answer “it’s paid in full.” When the temptation comes to wear yourself out with sacrifice and good deeds in an effort to earn favor, there’s grace to say “it’s paid in full.”

Wherever you find yourself this morning, step out of the guilt cycle and step into Grace—forgiven, justified, set free!