Kindergarten Agenda Page (for girls)

When I began working on a student planner for my Oldest, Middlest immediately started asking for one of her own. Of course, I’d love to begin teaching her independence and keeping up with her own work, but she’s a pre-reader/pre-writer so practically I was stumped as to how that was even possible.

It took me awhile to think through how to do it, and then another while to get motivated to find the graphics after I had the idea. But thanks to, I think I nailed it. Sorry if you have a boy. Maybe when Littlest gets bigger I’ll get around to making a blue one. But for now, Middlest can’t wait to track her assignments.

free printable kindergarten

I’m going to let her put stickers on the pictures when she’s done. You could also have your child circle, box, or cross out the pictures. The one picture represents her time with me; the second picture represents the work page for that subject. At the bottom, I have pictures that represent our different shared activities (history, science, and art). Whichever activity we do on that day, she can mark or sticker it to show what we did. Then, she gets to color the happy face if she had a good attitude on that day.

It’s a simple activity in helping her understand what comes next in her day, and hopefully will save me from some of the “what’s next, Mommy?”

Here’s hoping, anyway.

Feel free to download this planner page to use with your child (click on the image to access the pdf), or take my idea and run with it. has lots of cute free graphics to help you with your project.

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