God’s grace on “those days”

Missional Mothering

It had been a hard day for my son. He seemed to stay in trouble and was having a very hard time getting along with his sister. After yet another trip back to the bedroom, he broke down in utter anger and frustration.

“I’m having a horrible day.” “I can’t do anything right.” “I’m a terrible boy.” And the Lord spoke to my heart. Didn’t I know exactly what he was feeling?

I held my little boy tightly, something I’ve learned calms his anger more than anything else, and then I quietly spoke to him.

We all have hard days, don’t we? There are days when the Lord allows us to see just how sinful we are, how helpless and inept. In me there is no good thing. But it’s also on those days that God’s goodness becomes so much more precious. His grace, His mercy, His forgiveness, His gift of righteousness mean so much more on the days when I feel like a failure. I can wallow in my misery, or I can be grateful for God.

I named several character traits of God that were precious to me on those hard days and asked him to choose one that was precious to him. He chose mercy, and together we prayed and thanked God for mercy.

It was a moment that was a gift, taking what truly had been a rough day and turning it into such a beautiful memory, as only God’s grace can do.

Then, in the way that children have of definitively ending those beautiful moments, my son asked me, “Why aren’t you like this in the mornings? Kind and happy?”

Uh, oh. “Am I grumpy?” I asked.

“No, just sleepy,” he attempted.

Yeah, Mommy needs God’s grace, too—and she needs to finish that cup of coffee before the kids wake up.

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  1. Oh that is good. I have to say, “Oh so true on the morning!”

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