Inspiring Gifts

Missional Mothering

I’ve finished reading Sally Clarkson’s Mission of Motherhood and am about half way through her Ministry of Motherhood. The books have been both challenging and inspiring, helping me to focus my limited energy where it counts.

One chapter I just finished was on giving our children the gift of inspiration, inspiring them with a sense of purpose and a mission from God, helping them to identify their gifts and to see those gifts in light of serving God.

Then, I close the book for the afternoon and watch my children, reflecting on their gifts and the ways I can inspire them.

My daughter comes to mind first. She’s my challenge, pushing all the limits and boundaries, creating her own way of doing things, leaving behind huge messes in her wake. But she’s my creator, always seeing things differently from others, always coloring outside the lines and always rainbows, always using things in a way they are not intended to be used. I can be frustrated, or I can praise God for what He has created her to be and inspire her with His vision for her. She is made in His image, a little creator to remind me of the great Creator.

My oldest son is fastidious in the details. He is precise and has an eye for what’s wrong. It can be extremely defeating to have your 6 year old see all the spots YOU missed while cleaning, or to be very frustrated with you because your help ruined his project (like hot-gluing something into his book upside down). But then, he is God’s creation, the God who ordered the universe with laws of science and mathematics that are precise and profound, the God who recorded generations of “begats” in the Bible to show His own plan and forethought and faithfulness. I have a God of details and a God of grace. Inspiring my son to be like his Creator, precise with the details and gracious with short-comings, is my God-ordained role.

And my littlest, what will his gift be? My prayer is that as his personality is revealed, I will have God’s vision for him as well, looking for the gifts I can inspire and ultimately giving a gift to each of my children, a gift of inspiration.