Centered Affections

Missional Mothering

Home: the place in which one’s domestic affections are centered

Minister (v): to give service, care, or aid, as to the wants or necessities; to contribute, as to comfort or happiness

Sometimes, in the busyness of getting things done, I forget to just love, to center my affections on my home. Yes, I understand that my affections should be set on Christ and his kingdom, but part of His kingdom plan, according to Titus 2, is that I should love my family.

Have you ever stopped to think about what a strange command that is. As if we, the emotional creatures, would need to be reminded or taught this simple truth. And yet, the advice I often receive from those older than I am is to “love on those babies; they grow up so fast.” And when you ask an older couple, celebrating 50 years together, what the secret is to longevity like that, often the advice is simple “just love the man, through everything.”

When I’m honest with myself, the advice I take for granted is the advice I need the most. In my hurry to get the day’s tasks done, to keep the house clean, to feed the family, to train the children, to launder the clothes, I forget to daily take the time to just love them. To smile at my children, and laugh at their antics the way they want me to. To take the time to “just watch this, Mommy.” To take time to cuddle, even when that crying-fit is most inconvenient for me. To smile at my husband, and admire him. To just look at him the way I did while we were dating. To laugh at his jokes, and to have fun together.

How easy it is, in a culture centered on accomplishments, to lose the focus of our affections. But here’s my challenge to myself and to you this week. The next time someone asks you, “What did you get done today?” or “What did you do this week?” smile at them, and be able to say, “I just loved my family.”