Wrapping Things Up

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We’ve been wrapping things up this week. And, let me tell you, it feels good!

Oldest finished the last pages of A Beka 1st grade phonics. Woo-hoo! We  were both celebrating, and I’ve talked him into doubling up math so we can wrap that up, too.

I’ve declared Middlest done. She finished her K4 books ages ago, and I’ve been scouring the internet for free printables for months. I’ve finally said, “that’s enough.” And she’s pretty happy to doodle and color and play with blocks on her own.

We still have our Tapestry to finish, a couple more weeks of that. But the end is near. Yeah, the end is near!

I’ve also wrapped up our birthday marathon season. We’ve been celebrating one birthday or holiday after another for awhile, but thankfully I’m done for a few months. I do enjoy the parties and decorating, though. Here are a few shots from our party season.


Curious George Birthday


Speedy Gonzales Birthday

Beach Party

And with that, I’ll heave a great big sigh, throw myself into a nice comfy chair, and pause for half a second.

What are you wrapping up this week?

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  1. Our birthday season is November. It always sneaks up on me and rushes us right into the Holidays. By the time January hits, I’m ready for a Vacation!

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