A Week of Extremes

Homeschool Mother's JournalThis week has been both beautiful and extremely challenging, a week of total extremes. On the one hand, the weather has been absolutely beautiful. We’ve taken school outside on a number of days and soaked up the sunshine. We even “let our toes out,” as Middlest said, enjoying the warmth on our barefoot feet.

On the other hand, this week has been very rough, physically and emotionally. We lost a sweet friend who has long been battling breast cancer. We’ve had sweet times of reflection and remembering with the kids, each bringing up things she used to say and do, what we loved about her, and then the sadness of saying “good-bye” at her funeral.

We’ve also battled it out with the stomach bug this week. All of us have had it to one degree or another, beginning with Littlest and ending with Dad. It’s been a rough stretch of days, and yet even as I was laid up in bed, I couldn’t help but thank God for his grace. For one, my husband and I were not sick at the same time, so one of us was up to caring for the sick kids. For another, the kids showed great sensitivity and responsibility as they carried their load of responsibility once they were feeling better.

We are all more or less on the mend. Not wholly  ourselves, but still much better than we have been. And the sun is out once more, as are our toes.

{I should insert a picture of sweet wiggly toes here, but alas I have none. You’ll just have to imagine.}

What was the best and worst of your week?

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