Discovering Meaning in Motherhood

Missional Mothering

Perhaps I am overwhelmed by the “insignificant” daily tasks. Perhaps I am influenced by the world’s point of view more than I’d like to admit. Perhaps I am, unknowingly, viewing my family as obstacles to what I want to accomplish rather than the accomplishment. Whatever the excuse, I am often so distracted by the endless Cheerios on the floor that I can’t see the “blessings” that have scattered them there.  I am so absorbed in motherhood that I forget its significance.

But, in God’s grace, I stopped in the middle of my mundane the other day to search my soul and to ask some hard questions.

  • Am I seeing these “insignificant” moments of my day as opportunities to train my children for the glory of God?
  • Am I training our children for their greater spiritual good or for my own convenience?
  • Am I interested in how a particular moment affects their view of God or am I merely interested in what I could get accomplished with them “out of my hair”?

Suddenly the cobwebs and decay hidden inside the recesses of my “noble aspirations” were revealed.  My problem went deeper than my motives; its roots reached into the depths of what motherhood means to me, something that perhaps I’d sorted out long ago but had since forgotten.

The stab of conviction was driven even further after reading an article from a secular parenting magazine about the meaning of motherhood. The perspective, however, was how to fit your goals and dreams into the confining lifestyle of motherhood, how to balance a career and kids.  Though my goals and dreams are not for a “career” in the sense that the magazine intended, I could see how I had adapted that mindset to the goals I did have, of managing the perfect home and keeping an immaculate house (that’s a laugh!), of maintaining a high-quality blog, of running a top-notch homeschool.

Not only was I failing at keeping a House Beautiful home, but I was also overlooking the point of teaching my children.  Raising children is not a task to check off my list each day.  Training my child’s behavior is not merely to my advantage and to society’s “greater good,” but for God’s glory.  Nurturing my children in the grace of God is not my job by default (I happened to get the job since I happened to have children), but my role by divine design.

If sweeping crunched Cheerios off the kitchen floor is mundane, it’s merely because I haven’t chosen to see it as significant.  Every moment with my children is an opportunity to reveal God’s character and His purposes. But if I fail to seize that opportunity, I’ve traded an investment in eternity for a few moments to sweep my crumbs.

“Notwithstanding she shall be saved in childbearing, if they continue in faith and charity and holiness with sobriety.”  —I Timothy 2:15

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