Letter Tiles Printable

I’ve been working a lot with Middlest on “glueing” and un-glueing” the sounds in her words to help her with her reading. As a part of that process, I made up these little letter tiles that I thought I would share with you as a free printable.

Click on the image to download.
Click on the image to download.


letter tiles

The tiles two of each of the consonants as well as three sets of vowels. Right now, I have marked the vowels in each set to help us with long, short, and silent vowels. For instance, one set of vowels, I marked as short vowels; one set I marked as long vowels; and the last set I marked with a slash to show silent letters.

Really, I’m currently using only the short vowels and the long vowels with silent e. If we are struggling with a word in her reader, I’ll let her build the word by selecting the correct vowel from our sets. She’ll then sound out and read what she has built. I’ve also had fun using the tiles with the “Read-Build-Write” sheets from Homeschool Creations.

I laminated my tiles and am currently using them just like that; however, it would be easy enough to add a piece of adhesive magnet tape to have magnetic tiles or a piece of adhesive felt to use with a small felt board.

It’s been a fun, hands-on/visual activity to reinforce sounding out, spelling, and reading words.