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On my quest for becoming “intentionally” organized in the New Year, I’ve posted a lot about finding my organizing personality and my new systems for ordering my life. But I’m also realistic enough to know that a new system is not enough to totally discontinue all clutter and chaos; I have to continue to use a system for it to work.

And the Lord led me to the perfect solution for this problem, a book entitled The Organized Heart by Staci Easton.

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The book is not your typical how-to-organize book of solutions. Rather, it is a devotional look at the heart of a Christian woman who struggles in this area. She proposes four possible idols that rob our hearts of the motivation to fulfill God’s calling in our lives to keep our homes:


While I was easily able to spot my dominant idol, every chapter had some thing I could apply, and it helped me prepare my heart for the challenge of continuing whatever system of organization I chose to use. Her insight was very biblical and practical, both humbling and freeing. To know that I had idols in my life was very humbling; we don’t often identify what our hearts are worshipping in place of God. To know what that idol was and how to fight it biblically was freeing; I could now find the motivation I had lacked.

My idols? A mix of perfectionism and leisure. The idol of perfectionism was sneaky and not what I expected. I’m far from a perfectionist; “good enough” makes me sufficiently happy. But, I am guilty of not attempting something that I’m afraid won’t turn out well. If it can’t be perfect, I won’t try.

The area of leisure surprised me, too, because it’s not that I kick my feet up and want to be pampered. But I am definitely guilty of prioritizing the tasks I enjoy over the tasks that need to be done. I enjoy planning our homeschool. I enjoy blogging. I enjoy editing my husband’s paper and projects. I don’t enjoy scrubbing the shower and vacuuming. So, guess what get’s done and what waits for another day and yet another day.

Reading this book has helped me reinforce my organizing system with prayer, with accountability from others, and with Scripture. I want to be intentional, and I want not just my home but my heart to be ordered by the Lord.

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  1. Thank you for sharing. I am so much the same way.

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