Vertical Homeschool Organization

On my quest to organize my creative self, I’ve revamped how my homeschool lesson planning system works and thought I’d give you a peak.

I’ve moved my lesson plans out of a notebook and onto a wall. I’m more likely to look at my wall, and I don’t have to have a notebook open all the time. It’s been a super-duper success. Love it! Besides the fact that it’s beautiful, too, and totally appeals to my creative side.

When I purchased my Wallpops for my command center, I had one left over—the calendar. I really had no use for it as a calendar, so I tweaked it and am using it as my weekly lesson planner. Instead of the month, I write in what week we are in. I use Sunday as my spot for writing our weekly subjects; then, I write my lesson plans and notes into the other spots for the corresponding day of the week. This has been awesome!

With Christmas money, I also purchased this really chic magnet board from Etsy. On this, I keep teacher notes. My larger written plan that I write out at the beginning of each nine weeks, any material I intend to read or show the kids during the week, etc.

I’m also made use of Martha Stewart adhesive pockets (decorated with duct tape) for my teacher pocket (rather than a teacher tray) where the kids place their completed assignments and a smaller pocket for me to place memory work or, currently, or mini-books for our human body lapbook until they are actually glued into a lapbook.

The system has worked so well for me. I really do like it much better than notebooks, binders, sheet protectors, file systems, and all the other traditional organization. This is so me, which is probably why I feel such gorgeous relief every time I look at it.

What is your best method for lesson planning?