A Recipe for Organization

One item on my list of “things that bother me” was my loose-recipe situation. You know, those family recipes on scraps of paper, 3×5 cards, 4×6 cards, and other odd sizes, the ones that aren’t in a book somewhere. The ones that fall out and spill over every time you pull out a recipe book or pilfer through the chaos to find the one you need.

I’ve had so much fun with my Martha Stewart adhesive pockets. And on one of the advertising videos, I saw them place a pocket inside a cabinet door for recipes. Ah-hah! That would fix my chaos!

So I have two pockets—one for the recipe cards and one for the recipe papers. Because I am short, I placed each one on a different cabinet door rather than stacking them on one door. I also noticed that the adhesive is not as strong as I would have liked for this task, and it does not adhere well to my wooden surface. So I reinforced the adhesive with some adhesive poster squares. And of course, I decorated them with my favorite duct tape. Voila!

Love it! And so does my husband, who no longer has everything falling out all over him when he tries to find his awesome hot wings recipe.


How do you corral the recipe chaos in your kitchen?