A Refrigerator Make-Over

As I was preparing for my new Command Center on my fridge, I knew I wanted a make-over for the front of my refrigerator. What I did not want was my Command Center adding to the clutter.

Unfortunately, I’m not good at taking “before” pictures, but I think all of you can imagine what the front of a fridge can look like. Lots of pictures randomly placed, lots of children’s artwork, lots of cheap magnets advertising local businesses—it was a mess.

I began by hunting for solutions online, comparing different brands of those magnetic photo frames and even placing a few items in my “cart.” Then suddenly, I had an epiphany. I noticed that the products that appealed to me most were the ones that showed the actual pictures arranged on the fridge. I realized that what I was actually wanting to purchase was the layout, not the magnet.

It was a definite “ah-hah!” moment. The simple round black magnets that we use to hold our pictures, the cheap ones you can get at Walmart, were not what bothered me about my fridge. It was the random placement. I walked over to my fridge, took down the outdated photos and put them away, and then set to work. Basically, I asked myself, if this were a scrapbook page instead of a fridge, how would I arrange these? It was so easy, and the difference was huge!

I also limited the amount of child art to one sheet protector per child. I cut off the enforced holes from the sheet protector and attached it with poster adhesive squares. This actually works much better for a couple of reasons. For one, it limits what we display on the fridge; for two, it protects the art from all the spills and mayhem that can happen at the fridge.

Last of all, I moved the business advertisement magnets (the ones we really do want to keep handy) to the side of the fridge that faces my kitchen counter. They are lined up neatly in a row and hold absolutely nothing but the info we want to have access to.

Simple adjustments, but they made a world of difference. My fridge may not care, but I feel so much better.