Monday Motivation: The To-Be List



I have a to-do list. And when my to-do list gets to a certain length, it begins to consume me. Yesterday, my to-do list reached its maximum length, and I noticed a curious change in myself. Suddenly, anyone who got in the way of my to-doing was an interruption, an obstacle, an intrusion. I no longer had “children,” I had noisy intruders who needed to get out of Mommy’s way because she had to-dos to to-do.

Then, the Holy Spirit stepped in to the rescue, “What’s on your To-Be list?” I stopped, realizing once again that God could care less about my to-dos. His priority was not as much what I needed to do today but rather who I needed to be. My to-be list transformed my entire day, because as I looked once again at the things I wanted to accomplish, I had to ask myself what I needed to BE as I was accomplishing those tasks: patient, kind, gentle, meek, loving, servant-minded, Christ-like. The tension left; the stress eased.

As we tackle this week, let’s take on the mind of Christ. Let’s pause in our to-doing and allow the Holy Spirit to remind us of who we are to be.