Monday Motivation: Keeping an Eternal Perspective


What have you done today, and how will it matter in eternity? I’m talking about in your own home–the sink full of dishes you washed, the play time with your kids, the sacrificing love for your spouse.

Keeping an eternal perspective means not that we choose to only do those things we think will matter in eternity, but that we are constantly thinking about how our daily tasks will matter in eternity. I’m not suggesting that you leave your kids with a sitter, let the dishes in the sink just sit, and leave your husband to fend for himself for supper and rush out to witness to someone so that you can say you did something that matters in eternity. Instead, I’m challenging you to be motivated to spend time with your kids, finish those dishes, and make a great meal for your man exactly because those tasks do matter in eternity. How?

Have you demonstrated to your children the love of God, the patience of God, the faithfulness of God? You are shaping and molding their eternal souls. That stack of dishes is a sink full of opportunity—to teach your children a work ethic (to do a task well, even though it isn’t pleasant); or simply to demonstrate in your own life faithfulness in that which is least (Don’t forget Who gave you those dishes and the food you place on them). Your husband is your opportunity to grow in holiness and sacrifice, to learn the mind of Christ as you serve even when you feel tired and run down and used up.

Think through each task you do today, or are tempted to leave undone. How will that small, seemingly insignificant task influence your children, affect your spouse, or touch your own soul for eternity. If God gave you a house to manage and a family to care for—and that’s all you did with your life—would He say, “Well done, good and faithful servant” (Matt. 25:21)? Or would He see that you have blasphemed His Word by neglecting what He had given for what you thought was more important (Titus 2:5)?

Let us never imagine what God has given to us to be insignificant. Instead, let us strive to see our tasks as God would see them, with all of eternity laid out before Him.

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  1. I really appreciate this. It’s so easy to feel that out there is the “mission” field. This is such a great reminder “to do everything heartily as to the Lord…”

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