Monday Motivation: Everlasting Strength



Every morning, I roll out of bed with this prayer surfacing in my foggy brain: “Lord, give me grace and strength for this day.”  As I stir the cream and sugar into my coffee and look over the day’s agenda, I pray again, “Lord, I need your sufficient grace and daily mercies.”  But, lately, it seems I’ve needed an extra shot of strength and grace and mercy.

“Trust ye in the Lord forever: for in the Lord JEHOVAH is everlasting strength.”  Isaiah 26:4

There is a world of thought and meaning packed into that small verse:  “I AM everlasting strength.” His is a strength I can depend on to fight my battles for me, to come to my defense, to meet my needs when no one else observes them. His is a strength I can count on to always be there, even before I am aware that I need it; to never run out or reach its limit; to sustain when nothing else can. He is more strength than I will ever need–strength enough to create life, to sustain life, to be life. And his strength, rather than being depleted by my need, is made more perfect, more complete, in my weakness.  Truly, that is everlasting.

Perhaps, instead of rolling out of bed muttering anxiously,  “Lord, I need…”, I should begin my day with the peaceful recognition, “Lord, YOU are…”