Organizing in the New Year

Every new year, I’m totally inspired to get my life back under some semblance of control, to pilfer through the clutter and forge a new path toward organization.

Often, I ricochet between success and failure in this department. So in high hopes of making strides toward a new me, I’ve embraced my new year’s tradition of an organizational overhaul.

I just finished reading a tremendously helpful book entitled, Organizing for Your Brain Type. (link includes more about the book, plus a free quiz to find your organizing personality)  LOVE it! It helped to break down my personality and what organizational approaches will work well for me and what will most likely fail. Nice to know that before you get started. I am the “innovator,” the creator, the lover of all things fun and beautiful. I also organize by stacks; everything must be out where I can see it or it might as well not exist. This totally explained why keeping a household binder with my planner has been such a struggle. I like the idea of the system but it takes oodles of discipline for me to actually make it work. It’s either always open on the table adding to the daily clutter, or it’s tucked away and absolutely useless (I never remember to open it).

The solution? A vertical system of organizing. In other words, the “command center” approach is much more likely to be successful than the binder approach, because I can have all my must-have info right in front of me at all times. So, I’m in the process of converting the side of my fridge. I’ll show you the finished product later, but for right now, I thought I’d share a few printables.

You see, as part of my innovator/creator personality, organization cannot be merely functional; it has to be either fun or beautiful (and ideally both!) So, I’ve devoted the time and energy to actually embrace this aspect of my organizing personality.

The first printable is my new cleaning schedule (inspired by a few different Pinterest posts) on 4×6 cards. I’m going to place these in an adhesive pocket on my fridge and daily switch to the next card. It will have both my repetitive maintenance tasks and my special cleaning task for the day.

The second printable is my new To-Do system on 3×5 cards. Each day, I’ll have up to 6 items on my to-do list that I’ve chosen from my longer list of Projects and To-Dos (this longer list will be on a dry erase board—pics coming soon—that way, Hubby can easily add any projects that he needs me to tackle).

Click on the images to download the printables. I’m so exited! Now, I’m off to make my home both functional and beautiful.

**UPDATED** for new designs


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