Dry Erase Crayons: my new favorite thing

I was a fan from the first commercial. When I saw dry erase crayons advertised, I knew it would totally be a winner at our house. And I wasn’t disappointed. I LOVE these things.

dry erase crayons

  1. My four year old, who destroys every dry erase marker on her third use, has yet to annihilate these.
  2. These are much easier to erase from my laminated wipe sheets than dry erase markers, even if it’s been a few days.
  3. They are easy for my kids to use and write with.
  4. They are colorful and just plain FUN!

We use a wipe board or wipe sheets a lot in our homeschool, and these have been such a great product that I may never go back to markers again.

wipe board homeschool

So what is your favorite homeschool tool?