Monday Motivation: No Condemnation

No Condemnation

Today’s post was inspired by  a chapter from The Cross-Centered Life by C.J. MahaneyThe chapter was delving into one area of our lives that takes our focus away from the cross—the guilt and shame we feel over our own sin and failures. What an area we women tend to struggle in!

How many days have you beaten yourself up with all that you didn’t get done or didn’t do as well as you’d hoped? How many of you have ever felt like a failure as a wife or as a mother? I read a post in a forum just this last week from a woman who made the statement that “maybe I’m a bad mother” because she was struggling with potty-training her three year old. Maybe dinner was a flop, the house is a wreck, and the kids are cycling through some behaviors you’d rather they didn’t have. Maybe you made some poor decisions and are reaping the consequences of those decisions, either in your relationships or in your finances.

Whatever the specific circumstances, the haunting voice whispers to each of us at some point, “You’re a failure. Look at everything you’ve done wrong.” Perhaps you’ve even heard the condemning voice whisper, “You’re life is a disaster. How on earth can God use you now?”

But here’s the hope. There’s an answer for that voice, and it lies in the cross—the completed work of Christ for failures, sinners, and hopeless disasters. When you feel at your absolute lowest point, crawl to the cross and remember to focus your whole life on that one truth. Stop listening to the lies, and speak the truth about Christ’s unconditional love. For “there is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.”

Let’s take our focus from our failures to God’s amazing grace, a grace that loved us “while we were yet sinners” and not “after we’d gotten our lives straightened out.”

This post has been edited and republished from my former blog Homekeepers. Over the next several months, I will be merging my two blogs into this one location.

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  1. Annette Bouldin

    Oh, how often we lose sight of what really matters… resting in the work already done for us!

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