Pyramid Construction: Lessons in Motion

As if Tapestry of Grace didn’t have enough hands-on activities planned into the curriculum, I picked up this book of activities from our local library.

hands-on activities
Pyramids! 50 hands-on activities to experience ancient Egypt

Among the many great ideas was an activity that illustrated how Egyptians moved blocks that weighed as much as a mini van to the tops of pyramids.

First, Oldest had to try moving a large, heavy book across the floor with his nose. Not easy!

building pyramids

Next, we placed a number of pencils underneath the book to simulate the logs the Egyptians would have placed underneath the large blocks they were moving. The Egyptians also added mud to the logs to lessen the friction and to slide the block along even easier. But even with just the pencils, pushing our large book was much easier.

hands-on activities

Not only was it a great illustration, but it was a very memorable and fun way to study Egypt and add in a little science for a bonus.

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  1. Looks like a lesson he will remember!

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