All Fingers

It’s been fun to have Littlest in school with us. I will start with a disclaimer that he is a very good baby, by far the best-natured of my three, which makes a HUGE difference. Things could be so much different, and I daily acknowledge the blessing that it is to have a happy baby.

I think, quite honestly, that he loves being with us as much as we love having him. He’s like our little school mascot.

homeschooling with a baby

He’s the other guy in all of our word problems: “If Middlest has five and Littlest has zero, how many do we have all together?”

homeschooling with a baby
As sweet as this picture looks, she’s not holding his hand.

He listens in on all of our stories.

And he’s dying to get in on a little of the action. Do you notice? He’s all fingers in nearly every picture.

homeschooling with baby

Your time’s a-coming, little man.