Activity Stix: a pinterest inspiration

I’ve been perusing Pinterest lately, and collecting some really great ideas. These activity sticks were one fantastic idea from Keep Calm and Teach On.


Source: via Tracy on Pinterest

 To make my own, I made a list of all the activities that I had for Middlest to do—play do, lacing cards, threading beads, scissor skills, even playing with Littlest. Then, I pulled out my colorful popsicle sticks and my sharpie. I wrote the activities on each popsicle stick. Then, I took three plain sticks (in other words, the original kind without all the bright color) and wrote “activity stix” on them. (I know, I’m confusing the child’s spelling. But she can’t read yet, and it looked so much more exciting!) I’ll use the plain ones for her workbox pockets.

The idea is that she can trade in her plain stick for an activity, up to three each day. She’ll hand the colored stick to me, and at the end of the week, I’ll add them all back into the jar. That way, she won’t be repeating the activities throughout the week.

It’s a fantastic idea to add an element of surprise to the day without a lot of extra effort on my part.

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  1. What a cute idea! I might have to try that too.

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