Organizing with a Weekend Planner

After creating my printable week planner, I started working on a printable weekend planner. My husband is a pastor, so our weekends look much different from the rest of the week. Often, preparations for Sunday really get in the way of Sunday worship; they are a logistical nightmare. So, in an effort to reclaim worship, I’m organizing my weekends with this planner page.

Projects & Errands

This is the section to record those special Saturday projects, the bigger to-dos that usually wait for a weekend—weeding the garden, grocery shopping, deep-cleaning, etc.

Weekend Preparation

This section is the heart of this planner page. It gives me a spot to plan both physically and spiritually for our day of worship. “Prepare Physically” gives me a place to  list and check-off those tasks that get me ready for the day—defrosting the chicken or roast, prepping vegetables, laying out clothes, gathering Bibles, packing the diaper bag, etc. “Prepare Spiritually” gives me a list of prayers to prepare my heart and spirit for the day.

Events to Plan

Our weekends often have us attending or planning a variety of events. Whether we are having someone to our house or participating in a church function, this gives me a spot to write a reminder.

People to See

There are often specific people I need to see and talk with when we get to church, to ask about upcoming events, to check-up on prayer updates, to visit with someone who may have been absent for awhile, etc. But at this stage in my life, relying on my memory is a dangerous thing. It’s not that I don’t care enough to remember; it’s that I care enough to write it down so that I won’t forget.

Items to Bring

It literally may take me 3 or more weeks to remember to bring something extra to church with me. Returning someone’s dish, bringing a book or resource to someone, giving a shower gift or card—I usually remember until the rush to get out the door. Writing it down will help me to prepare for it, to have it waiting with our Bibles and ready to go.

The last thing on the planner is the “Notes” section. Nothing special, just an extra place to jot down things that might not fit into the other categories.

I’m really excited about this planner. I’m really excited about getting my Sundays back under control. And though I know my situation is rather unique (not everyone is married to a pastor), I also know that Sundays are difficult for most moms: there’s a lot to coordinate! So, I’m sharing my weekend planner as a free printable, hoping that it will help someone else reclaim Sunday as a day for worship. If there is a way that I can customize it to better fit your needs, please let me know in the comments section and I’ll see what I can do.

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