Study of a Bug’s Life: Praying Mantis

I love the Lord’s impromptu appearances into our lesson plans, His provision for up-close observation in His always perfect timing. Just before our bug study, we were fellowshipping with friends and happened upon the largest praying mantis I have ever seen.

The children were a little intimidated (I honestly don’t blame them; this was a mammoth insect—and this incident occurred before my kids had been introduced to the plastic variety). I didn’t have my camera with me. But my friend was most obliging and took photos of the giant for me.

insect study for young children

insect study


After we finished our Week of Bugs, I showed the pictures to the kids, and we talked about this event. The kids had warmed up to the mantis, or at least, he wasn’t as intimidating in a photo. They had fun counting his legs and naming his body parts.

The Lord is so good to us, taking notice of something as small as a five year old and a nearly-four year old studying bugs.