Summer Garden

I didn’t think we’d attempt a garden this year, seeing as how I’ve been nurturing other things (namely, Littlest). But my husband came to the rescue, as well as a few helpful neighbors, and we planted our first REAL garden. We “gardened” last year with a few potted plants. But this year, it’s an official garden with rows!

our garden

We have corn, okra, a gigantic pumpkin patch, cucumbers, tomatoes, and several varieties of pepper plants. It’s a late summer garden, but a garden no less. And we are all very excited about it, including the kids who have both loved helping Daddy water and weed and harvest our produce.

Corn rows


pumpkin patch


And I look on with gratefulness and satisfaction. I feel very much like a pioneer wife, standing on the porch with a baby on my hip watching my “farmer” work in the garden.