2012 School Room Renovations

With the demolition of our school room completed, we’ve been working on putting together our new school room and reorganizing for the new year. We decided to take down our old Chicka Boom tree that has graced our wall for over a year, and it left a big empty space begging to be filled.

homeschool room decor

Finally late one night as I waited to fall asleep, the idea occurred to me (because all the best ideas come before you fall asleep). We needed a skeleton for our anatomy study. I also wanted a Bible verse to center our study and set the theme. I googled, searched pinterest, and finally decided to just make my own. I printed the verse off on a piece of cardstock and got out our paint supplies. Then, we went outside, and the kids decorated our sign with their handprints and fingerprints.

fearfully, wonderfully made poster


homeschool room decor

I’ve also been working on organizing my teacher books. I’ve moved my actual curriculum plans to my household planner, but I still had to find a place for all the notebooking pages and activity pages, templates, and collated workbook pages for the year. I picked up some of the new Martha Stewart folders that have tabs on top for storage in a magazine holder (thank you Staples Rewards!).

organizing homeschool paperwork

My other organization problem is that Oldest’s books are getting to heavy for our pocket system. His pockets keep pulling the command hooks off the wall. So I’ve moved his books into a magazine holder on the desk and moved his flashcards into his pockets for convenient storage.

homeschool room organization


homeschool organization

Oldest also has a notebook now with his student planner pages and tabs for filing his notebooking pages (found these at FamilyFun).

notebooking pages dividers


And even Littlest now has a spot, all moved in and ready for his own growing and learning adventures.

homeschool and baby

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