King Alfred’s English review : an entertaining history of the English language

History of the English language I’ve heard so often the complaint that English doesn’t make sense, that it doesn’t follow its own rules. But really, that complaint comes from not understanding the history of English itself. Within all of those apparent inconsistencies lies a rich history of various cultures merging together and changing. King Alfred’s English provides that complete history of the English language in a fun engaging story—from its origin, roots, and early influences, to the influence of the printing press and the King James Bible.

I loved learning that English was scorned as a language for centuries. I loved learning why our words are spelled so strangely and how to tell which particular words are Anglo-Saxon. I loved learning how English finally rose to prominence as a language. And I loved reading how God paved the way for the English Bible.

King Alfred’s English is not just a history of the English language; it’s also grammar, spelling, language arts, and church history all in one. And best of all, it was fun to read. Though it may sound as though it would be stuffy and dry, the author has done a fabulous job creating an entertaining narrative. Her casual style and sense of humor make this a very enjoyable assignment for a high school, junior high, or even older elementary student. Supplemental material is also available online for chapter worksheets, unit tests, links, and suggested movies to piece together an entire course using this one resource.

Or read it, like I did, for your own enrichment and sprinkle the tid-bits of knowledge and fun anecdotes throughout your own teaching. You’ll finally have an answer to why certain letters are silent (they haven’t always been) and why there are so many different words that share the same meaning. Let me just say, I loved, loved, LOVED this book! Call me a nerd, but I thought it was an absolute page-turner. This is one history of the English language you may not want to put down! 

King Alfred’s English is available in print or as an ebook in a variety of places: (paperback, 170 pages) paperback and Kindle (paperback) (paperback)

Find out more about the book and read sample chapters at the main website, Then, read what other reviewers thought at Schoolhouse Review Crew



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  1. Thank-you for the info on this book. I would probably get it this yr. If I did not have my son going to a Writing/Language Course this year. I will be bookmarking it for my other children though. It looks like a fantastic book!!


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