In the spirit of Olympics, part 2

After kick-starting our Olympic study with delicious cookies and some flag fun, the kids were ready to participate. I planned a few simple “Olympic” events for the kids to participate in: cycling and running, as well as the balance beam and the discus throw. Our left-over blue painter’s tape came in very handy for the events, as well.


Olympic Races
At the starting line for the first event

Middlest is fiercely competitive yet hopelessly the “little” sister; thus, I made sure that the emphasis was not as much on winning as it was on having fun. Of course, someone has to win; but I kept everything moving and didn’t dwell too much on the victories. And for those events where winning was all the fun (like running through the painter’s tape at the finish line), we took turns winning.

Olympic activities for kids


Olympic races


Olympic activities for kids
the discus throw


Olympic events for kids
Measuring the distance in the discus throw event


Olympics for kids
The “balance beam” was Middlest’s favorite.


Olympics for kids
Oldest even mastered hopping on one foot on the balance beam.

Then, we concluded with our own Awards Ceremony, complete with the “Olympic Fanfare” playing on my iPod followed by a performance of “O Say, Can You See,” and a picnic.

Olympic activities for kids
The kids got to color their own medals ahead of time. Oldest wanted to be realistic and colored a gold medal. Middlest opted for a pink medal.

By then, Littlest had all the fun he could take. (He’s not a fan of the great outdoors right now.) We headed back to the house where I fed the little man and the “big kids” prepped themselves for the swimming events. Later, Oldest mentioned to me that he really wanted to play “Opening Ceremonies” and run with the torch, suggesting that we use our left-over July 4th sparklers. I couldn’t resist.

Olympics for kids
My future Olympian

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  1. My favorite Olympians, both gold medalists in my world


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