TimeMaps by Knowledge Quest Review

Knowledge Quest
TimeMaps, produced by Knowledge Quest, is both timeline and map in one product.

There are several components to this product. First, TimeMaps are grouped by topic.Photobucket

Ancient China

The Rise of the Roman Empire

The Fall of the Roman Empire

The Rise of Islam

European Exploration and Discovery

The Black Death

The Atlantic Slave Trade

In flash format, a series of maps highlights the different changes within a topic. Watch the Roman Empire swell in its might (and see the rise and fall of the Persian and Greek empires in the process.) Interactive links and icons provide more information on what is happening on the map. Questions are also provided to guide your discussion with your student.

Another element is the map timeline, accessed through the “TimeMaps of World History” link.


timeline maps

By clicking on different dates on a timeline, changes around the world are indicated on the map. Again, this map includes links that provide more information when you hover over them. “What’s happening in the world” provides a brief summary to read to the student.

TimeMaps timeline and maps

Lesson plans and activities are also provided, but I found that these were aimed largely at older children, probably dialectic level. Assignments included creating a timeline or researching a topic and writing an essay.

TimeMaps by Knowledge Quest

My kids loved to see the places that we’ve been studying in our geography. And they loved to “uncover” the facts on the maps through the interactive links. Though we’ve already enjoyed this product, I can’t wait to put it into context with our Tapestry of Grace studies. From ancient history to the Enlightenment, these maps and eventually the activities will be something we’ll use for years! I was also thrilled to find maps and information on the Maya and ancient Mexico as well as Mesopotamia within these products, especially since these places and time periods are often difficult to find information and activities for.

My husband was also impressed. He’ll be taking a class on Islam in the fall for his ThM in apologetics, and the Rise of Islam has a lot of information to provide him with a background for that class.

I love this product; it is just as cool as it looked like it would be and is definitely worth the price. Topics can be purchased individually for $9.95 or as a set for $44.95. Visit the site for more information and to watch a brief video touring the product.

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Disclaimer:  As a member of the TOS Crew, I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are mine.
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