Notebooking Fine Art

I’ve been adding some lapbooking elements to our notebooking pages. It was exciting to see how much it spiced up just a plain piece of cardstock.

The main elements are from Confessions of a Homeschooler’s artist study, but I also added my own element from Homeschool Share’s free editable lapbooking templates (subscribe to their blog and get the templates for FREE!). I’ve mentioned how much I liked the “how to spot” information in the book Monet and the Impressionists for kids. So, I took the information from “how to spot a Monet” and “how to spot a Renoir” and typed it into this lapbooking template.

notebooking art Monet

lapbooking notebook pages

notebooking pages Monet


Oldest helped cut, Middlest helped paste, and they both had a blast working the artist puzzles.

Van Gogh puzzle


Monet puzzle

I was thrilled to see how much my son remembered from last year’s Van Gogh study, even remembering the names to some of the art pieces, like the Potato Eaters. They especially enjoyed that piece, and I think both of them will forever remember Van Gogh and his “potato eaters.” For one, it’s such a great piece of art to bring up at the dinner table when someone complains about eating potatoes.

Van Gogh "Potato Eaters"


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  1. Love the puzzles for the children to make themselves. You are a wonderful teacher!

    • Post Author Tracy

      Thanks, Jessica. Some days are better than others, and like most bloggers I like to feature my better days. =) I also profit from a lot of other people’s genius, like those puzzles from Confessions of a Homeschooler. They were a lot of fun, though.

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