Middlest has officially moved beyond her ABCs and the dear Chicka Boom tree. I asked her if it was time to take it down, and she agreed. She’s a big girl now, folks. So, I enlisted their help to prep the school room for next school year. They are both so excited, and I am too. We have sooo much to do to get ready. It’s a little overwhelming. But I’ve got some great helpers, and it will totally be worth it after the transformation.

Prek school room

Prek school room

Taking down the tree did leave a big bare spot in our room, however. And I’m still brainstorming what ought to go in its place. Any suggestions?

3 thoughts on “Demolition

  1. You could make an artwork/craft wall – each time the kids make something it can go on the wall. As the space looks full, new items can replace older ones. This will keep things looking new as well.

  2. we do things like a thankful tree counting days, a good deed tree counting down days til christmas and a heart full of love tree counting days until valentines day, I imagine you could have a count down tree through out the school year. We wrote things we were thankful for, good deeds we did during December and all the things we love for hearts in Feb. I plan to expand ours this year and have a count down to fall, count down to thanksgiving, christmas, valentines day, spring ….. But I love the idea of the letter tree. We might do something similar for sound combinations!

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