Mommy Math

There is a math lesson we have to review quite often at our house. It goes something like this.

How many children do we have in our house? Three.

And how many Mommies do you see? One.

So, one Mommy for three kids. Are there more kids or more Mommies? More kids.

That’s right. And that means somebody’s going to have to wait their turn.

It’s what I call a “living math” lesson. How do you bring math into your everyday?

The art of delegating. Middlest is reviewing her blend ladders for Littlest, while Oldest is having his turn with Mommy.

3 thoughts on “Mommy Math

  1. Sometimes mommy math is much harder to learn and understand then regular math.

  2. I *love* how littlest looks like he’s totally following along with the lesson!

  3. Mommy math is hard. 🙂 Especially when you can count your age on your fingers.

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