Child’s Play

We’ve had quite a break from our summer school—vacation one week and VBS the next week. After two weeks off, the kids both began hounding me, “Mom, it’s been forever since we’ve done school!”

Oh, children of mine, do you realize that most take the whole summer off?

I don’t think mine would survive a break that long! And as nice as it is to take a break, I really miss our routine as well. But believe it or not, my kids don’t do school all the time.

And the goofs have some creative games they play.

He's taking it to the rim—in his baseball cleats, no less.


"My Little Pony" world domination
This is one of my favorite pictures, affectionately titled "the Gardinator."
My football team—can you tell the bicycle helmet gets a lot of use.


My darling cowgirl playing "dress up"


Let me tell ya', we are never short of laughs at our house!



What “child’s play” is making memories at your house this summer?