Summer Vacation & A Trip to Babyland

cabbage patch kids

For our family vacation, we took a trip to Georgia and enjoyed some down-time. While we were there, we discovered we were very close to Babyland General Hospital, the home of the cabbage patch kids, in Cleveland, Georgia. Who could resist a tour, right?

Though it was a dreary rainy day, the flowers and landscaping were beautiful, and of course there were cute cabbage plants throughout.

The tour was self-guided through the “hospital.” There was a room for the boy babies and a room for the girl babies awaiting adoption.

Then a huge open room displayed cabbage patch kids from all the different collections. Every 15-20 minutes, an announcement was made to the nurses and doctors that a cabbage mother was in labor. All the guests would gather around while a doctor talked everyone through the process, took name suggestions from the audience, and introduced the new cabbage patch baby.

cabbage patch delivery

The baby was then taken to a separate room for a check-up, while everyone watched through the big windows. Then, the new baby was brought out for all of the little girls to hold. There was a line of little girls timidly waiting for their turn with the new baby, including my little girl.

It was cute how authentic they made everything, down to the waiting rooms where you could sign the adoption papers. And, although it was not a planned stop on our vacation, Babyland became a very memorable part of our trip.