The Great Courses

So my husband and I just couldn’t stand for the kids to get all the fun; you’re never too old to learn, right? And while my husband is working on his ThM and I’m plugging along on my list of “great books,” we just didn’t feel that was enough (ha, ha). Thus, when my husband stumbled across a catalog for The Great Courses, we excitedly thumbed through the pages of college level courses from renowned professors and pointed to our favorites.

I’m so very thankful that learning is a hobby that my husband and I both share. We chose a couple of courses to try out at extremely reasonable prices and eagerly began auditing these DVD lectures. Together we’ve learned about nutrition, how to calculate our BMI, and the myths about dieting and eating right.

The Great Courses offers a variety of subjects and topics from religion, art, and music to math and science. The sales are great, and there are a number of courses that you can get for under $40. Discover the secrets of mental math, study images from the Hubble telescope, walk the halls of the Louvre, or learn to understand opera or jazz.

The one disclaimer that I would add is that these are not Christian courses; even the courses on Christianity are often taught by atheists or agnostics—so beware. But equipped with Biblical discernment, there is much to be gleaned from these DVDs and many of them would make great high school level courses of study.

Or, pop a bag of popcorn and enjoy some hubby time learning about argumentation and effective reasoning.

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  1. I have drooled over that very catalog! I’ve never heard from someone who has actually used the courses, though. This really makes me want to try one. 🙂

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