My “new” homeschool/household planner

For years, I’ve kept all my household info in one place: my household notebook. But I’ve found, with all of the hours that I spend on the couch feeding Littlest (roughly 5-6 hours, I calculated the other day, when you add in burping and clean-up), that I can’t access my 3-ring binder as conveniently (which means I’m not using my planner). So for the first time in years, I moved my planner pages out of my household notebook to a new home of their own.

Household Notebook Cover

I laminated a cover and bound the pages with my Proclick binder. I have a weekly planner page, which helps me give a theme or focus to my week (when I fill it out); then, I have my “daily” planner pages, which typically become my weekly planner page because it takes me about a week to get through one-day’s worth of to-dos. Either way, I’m using it, and that’s a huge improvement by itself.

Household Notebook


Household Notebook Forms

For dividers, I simply laminated cover sheets for the other sections that I need to organize in my life. I am, for the first time, adding my homeschool planner to my household planner, and reverting back to paper planning. I loved the convenience of iPlanLessons on my ipod, but with our more relaxed summer schedule, I was having a hard time figuring out how to schedule the lessons with a date. I finally decided it was taking more time to decide than if I just wrote it out. Thus, my summer plans are scheduled by week (10 weeks total) with no corresponding dates and written into a paper planning form. That way, when the unexpected happens, I’m not off schedule. I’ve added the few pages of art and music curriculum that I’m using behind the planner pages.

Homeschool Lesson Plans

Homeschool Lesson Plans

(found my homeschool planner cover and pages here)

And come the end of summer, I’ll move my Tapestry plans into my planner (the proclick binder uses editable combs that I can easily reopen and add whatever when I need to).

Tapestry of Grace lesson plans


The last section of my new planner is for my blog writing which, with the addition of regular reviews, needed a little organization. I use a WordPress Calendar plug-in for most of my blog organization, but I did need a spot to record review deadlines and some upcoming ideas for each month. Confessions of a Homeschooler’s blog planner totally (and beautifully) fit the bill. Love it!

Blog Planner

blog post planning

And that’s it, folks! My latest attempt to try to organize my life. What have you used to keep your life on track?

6 thoughts on “My “new” homeschool/household planner

  1. I like an app called Home Routines for my daily and weekly household cleaning and to do lists. It can be used to divide your house into cleaning zones too.

    • Post Author Tracy

      I downloaded that app, too, but haven’t been able to be consistent with it. I have a marvelous routine all set up with it, but I can’t stick with it. It is a very cool app, though.

  2. Making a blog planner is on my list of things to do today. I sure wish I had a pro-click. That would be marvelous!

    • Post Author Tracy

      You can always hole-punch and put it in a binder or in a folder that has brads. It is fun to have the pro-click, though.

  3. Thanks for sharing! I have been scouring homeschooling blogs trying to find some motivation and inspiration as I plan our upcoming year.
    You should link up this post to Real Mom Resources –

    • Post Author Tracy

      Hope you find the inspiration you need! And thanks for the tip about the link-up; I’ll check it out.

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