Read-Aloud Raves: The Flea’s Sneeze

Talk about a fun book to read aloud to your kids! The Flea’s Sneeze has everything I love in a read-aloud: rhythm and rhyme, humor, and a good storyline.

I could tell from the very first page that this book was a favorite. We read it three times in a row in the first sitting, and I woke up the next morning to the sound of my son reading it to his sister, complete with the nasally last line: “I dink I godda sdeeze!” I giggled even after reading it 20 jillion times. To see my kids so tickled with certain lines in the book, to hear them quoting it through the houseā€”it made my book-loving heart flutter every time. This book was a treasure, so much so that we renewed it just so we could read and giggle a few trillion times more.

What book has had you giggling with your kids lately?