Golf-Themed Birthday

I love a party. I mean, I really love a party and any excuse to have one. So, birthdays are a lot of fun for me. Of course, right now I have the challenge of getting a party together in between the frequent feedings that a new baby demands.

My husband’s birthday is actually one of my favorites to plan, and I’ve had a lot of fun over the last few weeks thinking through possible ideas. Finally, however, I settled on a golf theme and within a weekend, the plans started coming together. First, I chose to do cupcakes instead of a cake, which turned out to be a great choice. Not only do I have much greater success at baking cupcakes (I am NOT a baker and can usually annihilate even the simple cakes from a box), but decorating cupcakes ended up being a ton easier than decorating a cake. I made the cupcakes and decorated them on a Sunday afternoon in between church services (and lunch and an afternoon feeding).

The following day, we took Daddy out to mini-golf, and though we were initially concerned about how well the kids would do, we needn’t have worried. The little one was especially entertaining, placing her ball right next to each hole before knocking it in.


After a fun-filled morning, we made it back in time for naps, which gave me time to get our special supper together. For the menu, I got some great ideas here. And though there was the option to have someone make the buffet tags for me, I was planning this all the weekend before our party. Consequently, I had to make them myself. But even that was much easier than I anticipated. I purchased some backgrounds and downloaded a public domain graphic; the tags came together in around an hour on Saturday morning.

Welcome to the Par-TEE!


The meal itself was simple and fun to make, too: CLUB sandwiches, CHIP shots, sweet TEE, and PAR-faits. I even found some “Arnold Palmer” tea (half tea and half lemonade—my husband’s favorite).




(green jello, blueberries, a strawberry, and whipped cream)

I had so much fun with this and, thankfully, was able to stay right on schedule with the little guy. He was very grateful.