A Living Math…Worksheet?

I love Math Mammoth. Have I mentioned that before? Maybe once or twice? It has been the perfect in between for A Beka math and has really helped my oldest to work through the concepts that are sometimes rushed into the A Beka plans. Besides, Math Mammoth is just plain fun. Here is a perfect example.

A Beka has the teacher introduce measuring within the lesson plans, but I just couldn’t pass up this awesome worksheet in the Math Mammoth (MM) download. In MM, the teaching is often placed right into the worksheet, and this time the living math illustrating the concept was worked in as well. After explaining the different instances where we would need to measure, the worksheet has a few different problems to solve.

First, we took two different shoe sizes and measured our table. We used my son’s shoes and the shoes from a cabbage-patch doll. He wrote the two different measurements into the two different blanks provided. Then, we measured water in a pot using a coffee cup the first time and a large jar the next, and he wrote in those answers.

The last problem was a critical thinking question, and I definitely needed to talk him through the question. A scale was provided along with a word problem; but while the scale showed only four paper clips next to two crayons, the question asked for crayons equivalent to 10 paper clips. A very tough question, but an awesome lesson to think through. Of course, the point of each of these illustrations was to show how, in each case, we needed a standard measurement.

On the back of the worksheet was an introduction to inches and some items to measure. Measuring all by itself is super fun for a kindergartener/first grader, but measuring with shoes and coffee cups made it even more fun—and so practical!

Can I say it just one more time? I love Math Mammoth!