What if I get into legal trouble?

I’m blogging all week about our fears and how to fight them. From my own fears as a homeschool mom and my experience as a homeschool graduate, I’ll be sharing insights and reflections on these tough questions. It’s going to be a great week of getting vulnerable and gaining victory. 

Honestly, this is probably my top fear—a confrontation with the state authorities about something we are doing. But really, this fear is the easiest to address. State requirements are easy to find, and local homeschool groups are more than willing to help you meet all of the requirements. Nevertheless, after all the i‘s are dotted and the t‘s crossed, sometimes there is still that lingering doubt that can make you absolutely miserable.

What if it’s not enough? What if someone asks for more than the requirements?

I’m not a good impromptu person (which is one reason I love writing. I can preview and edit my words a million times if I want to and get them just the way I want before anyone else sees them. Not having a chance to think about and edit my response can leave me in a cold sweat.) I take GREAT comfort in having already thought through a response to situations. So when I read a post about the “Show-me” letter, I felt relief washing away that awkward, clammy sensation.

In essence, this homeschool mom’s response was to politely ask to be shown the passage of law that indicated that a particular action was necessary: “show me where it says that in the law.” Of course, before she had written the letter, she took it upon herself to be familiar with what her state did require. It is our responsibility to ensure that we are following the law; but in the case that more might be asked for, we don’t have to live in fear.

Equipped with a knowledge of my state’s standards, the support of local homeschoolers, and the knowledge that I could politely stand behind my rights has made a huge difference in my personal fear factor. I can’t say that I never stand in a cold sweat at the end of the year wondering if I did all I ought to do; but at least I have the facts before me to settle my doubts and fears.


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