Striking Out

Do you see this sweet face? Take a good look at the pacifier.

This pacifier has been in our family for three kids now. It was my oldest son’s absolute favorite—as in he wouldn’t take any other pacifier—as in I guarded this pacifier with my life. My daughter used it only temporarily, up until she became coordinated enough to find her thumb. And now the little man has had the honors. Like his oldest sibling, he preferred this pacifier to any other; and big brother was so proud to be sharing it.

That is, until this weekend and a late-night trip to Walmart. That’s right. This beloved accessory now belongs to the doomed abyss of Walmart lost-and-found. And Mommy is in the dog-house—thrice over. Though the little man is gradually adjusting to the change, his brother didn’t take the loss as well. In fact, he asked me (in tears) if the Walmart people would be going house to house until they found where we lived.