Meditating on the Mount

A couple of weeks ago I started memorizing the Sermon on the Mount with the free printables from Ann Voskamp’s blog. She has the verses of Matthew 5-7 divided into a couple a week throughout the year. I started a little late, so I had some catching up to do initially, memorizing Matthew 5: 1-9 over these last two weeks. But it helped that the verses were very familiar.

I was so excited to start this. Some of my best devotional times during college were when I was memorizing Scripture during my quiet time. I’d memorized Phillipians and Romans 5 way back then. But since motherhood, I haven’t had much success with that method. For one, I was trying to do too much, relying on the same schedule I used during college. Reading about Ann Voskamp’s plan helped me realize that I could tackle memorizing complete Scripture passages, just in smaller chunks and over a more extended time. So, greatly encouraged, I launched into this memory plan.

What I have loved most about it so far is the way it focuses my week on a particular passage, allowing me to meditate all through the week. Read more…