Our School Journal: Entry 33

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In my life this week…

The weather here has been absolutely beautiful, which means lots of outside time for the kids (yay!). And the week has been as beautiful as the weather.

I’ve enjoyed this beautiful weather from the couch, and most of my projects this week have been couch projects since I’ve been rather short of breath and short of energy this week. But I’m very excited about what I have gotten done!

I’m trying to get a head-start on planning school for this summer and next year, including budgeting. That way, I’ll have to devote less brain time to that when I become the sleep-deprived mother of a new infant in about 6 weeks (eek!). I started with a list of what I wanted and whittled it down to fit in our set budget. I still have a little whittling to go, but I was definitely encouraged to have much of the hard part done!

And I’ve planned this summer’s school activities! Not lesson-by-lesson, but a rough schedule and what I want to tackle: objectives, resources, etc. I’m flirting with the temptation of no lesson plans. AHH! Isn’t that a scary thought? But I definitely want the summer to feel relaxed with as little work for me as possible. I can’t wait to share with you!

In our homeschool this week…

I’m living the life of a relaxed homeschooler these days, and—quite honestly—loving it. Phonics is review, math is interactive and  slow-paced, geography is on a roll, and I’m focusing on just enjoying the kids during these last few weeks before life gets hectic. The best part is that I’m surprised everyday by how much the kids are still learning, in spite of our relative lack of structure.

My son is really enjoying his math supplement and getting the hang of addition, I think. Yesterday, for instance, I had him take 6 legos, group them in different combinations, and write those combinations on the wipe board. Of course, he loved it. He’s much more optimistic, and I’m much more relaxed since I have a strategy in place. And, as part of my summer planning, I’ve taken the pressure off and given myself all the way until August to finish up the last few concepts covered in A Beka K5 math.

For reading, he’s using books from our stash around the house (his K5 readers are finished). I let him read to me and to Daddy, but then I’ve also had him read to his sister. Both of them love this: a cozy spot, a fun story, and lots of giggles.

In geography, we’ve headed to Greece! And it’s been extremely rewarding to see my son fitting all the geography pieces together. I showed him how to find Italy (the boot) and trace straight from the heel to Greece. He’s had fun finding Greece on different maps around the house. But then, he’s also made the connection that the Mediterranean Sea, Egypt, and Africa are under Greece, or south of Greece (we’ve been trying to grasp north and south this week as well). It’s the first time I’ve been able to see him make a connection like this from previous lessons. What fun!

Little One has been learning Q . I’m out of our dot stickers right now, but she had a lot of fun improvising with a cupcake stamper for her Q do-a-dot page as one of her activities.

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…

One of the ways I helped trim my wish list to fit our budget: I googled our state’s standards for each subject. Not only was it a morale booster, but it was a good guideline to keep me from trying to do too much, specifically for subjects like science. It helped me to feel confident that I didn’t need the fancy, expensive curriculum to cover the topics even a grade level or two above state standard.

My own resources, the library, and some notebooking pages ought to do the trick—at least at this level.

Questions/thoughts I have…

How do you set your homeschool budget? Do you include field trips and supplies in that budget or make it a separate category?

A photo, video, link, or quote to share…

Posts of interest this week include: Notebooking for Littles, preserving your consummable workbooks, and our China study.

That’s a wrap, folks! Happy weekend and see you for next week’s journey!


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  1. At your children’s ages, you are doing marvelous with what you’ve been doing this week. If I had known about Charlotte Mason style of education when my children were this age things would have been a lot different around our house. Keep up the good work. Stopping by from the HMJ.
    Oh yeah, great name you have, “Tracy,” LOL.

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