Updating my Household Routine

I’m tackling my Household Notebook, trying to get it (somewhat) updated before the baby arrives. It was in dire need of updating. For one, I still had my summer meal recipes in my binder with my winter recipes stacked on top of my binder. Ugh! What a mess! So this weekend, I tackled the mess.

I put my summer recipes in a folder and inserted my winter recipes, for one. That alone was a huge improvement. Then, I took a few more steps toward re-organization.

I went through my entire binder and made two stacks:

One pile to trash


One pile to update

Then, after trashing my list of old projects, I made a new list of projects and included those forms that either need to be updated now or will need to be updated after the baby arrives, things like a babysitting schedule, our trip list for travel and day trips, etc.

I also went through the categories in my notebook to see what I still used. For instance, instead of a calendar in my notebook, I have upgraded to Google calendar, which allows my husband and I to sync and share our events and schedules. This has been so much more effective than my futile attempts to write everything down.

Last, I inserted my new planner forms and began filling them out for this week. Ahhh. I feel better already. One small step for me, one giant leap for my household routine!

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