Easing back into a schedule

I like to ease my way into a new day. Slowly wake up, slowly roll out of bed, slowly sip my cup of decaf coffee, slowly unfold my prayers and thoughts for the day. No blaring alarms, bright lights, loud voices or sudden actions.

After a vacation week, I like to ease into a school schedule the same way—slowly.

The kids are funny about vacations. They whine about not getting to do school all week long, and then the first day back, they whine about heading to the school room. But we finally herd ourselves back there and pull out the books—just the essential ones.

We settle into phonics and reading; we tackle flashcards and math lessons; and then we call it done. No art. No music. No geography.  The toys and the great outdoors have been calling to my kids for a whole hour to an hour and a half. They rip-roar out of the school room with only the slightest whine about skipping “the fun stuff.”

And batman and baby doll, who have probably been worried that the “Backson” has kidnapped the kids, are rescued from their previous abandonment.