Our School Journal: Entry 28

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In my life this week…

I’ve planned out all my lessons up until the baby comes! It feels so good to have that done. And I used a new lesson planning tool on my new ipod: iplanlessons app from iHomeEducator. I’ll post a more detailed review on that app in the near future, but I had a lot of fun using it.iPlanLessons

In our homeschool this week…

We’ve really focused on our math combinations this week in kindergarten. My son has worked hard, and I think we are almost caught up to where we ought to be. Boy, learning his addition facts has been so difficult for him. I’ve tried for months to make it fun and painless, and this week we just put our nose to the grindstone and memorized. It hasn’t been the most fun for him, but I think we learned a lot of good character lessons through it all. Even though I try hard to make school fun and exciting, sometimes learning is just plain hard work.

I’ve been attempting to teach him that there is satisfaction in hard work, too. And I remind him of how much he will love reciting these facts for Daddy once he has them down: “Daddy just won’t believe you’re able to do this. Let’s work hard and surprise him.” Nothing thrills my son more than Daddy’s reaction to something new he has learned. And isn’t that a life-lesson for us as well…what makes our hard work worthwhile is seeking the praise of our Heavenly Father, that “Well done” at the end of life.

Things I’m looking forward to…

I’m so excited to be purchasing our Tapestry of Grace material for next year! We’re saving some money by purchasing it now, before the price (on printed editions) goes up in 2012, and I am just bouncing off the walls excited. It will also give me plenty of time to look it over and plan, know what other books I need to get for it, etc. I cannot wait to start that curriculum in the fall.

Questions/thoughts I have…

What are your suggestions for first grade science? Do you have a formal curriculum that you use or do you just teach through nature study and observation?

I’ve experimented with nature study last summer, and we’ve really enjoyed learning our animal classifications as we study the animals of the different countries in our geography study. I’m just not sure what to use and how soon to implement a more formal curriculum. I’d love to hear what others are doing.

Here are some of the things I’ve heard/read/considered:

  • Apologia Science: I know lots of homeschoolers rave about this curriculum, but I’ve also heard that it’s a little intense for first grade.
  • R.E.A.L. Science: It looks pretty good, though it is neutral in its presentation (creation vs. evolution). Also, I’m just a little unsure about a science program that is not professionally published. It’s more of an ebook that offers a printed edition.
  • God’s Design for Life: This is produced by Answers in Genesis and is appealing for a lot of reasons: creation-based, coordinates with the classical education cycles, can be used with multiple ages, etc. However, I’m just not super confident in its depth of science as far as the material goes.
Any other suggestions?

Things I’m working on…

I’m starting to really count down and plan for this baby. I’ve got about ten weeks, and there are a few things I’d like to get done before the due date. It’s not necessarily “nesting” as much as reality setting in.

I’m reading…

My mom surprised me with my very own Well-Trained Mind book as an early birthday present! So, I’ve returned my library copy and settled into my new copy. I’ve gotten through the author’s introduction to novels and autobiographies, and already learned so much. I did have to set it aside for just a little while to get my lesson planning done, but I can’t wait to jump back in.

I’m praying for…

the Praying Proverbs 31 study beginning January 1. I’m really hoping and praying that it will be an encouragement to women as they pray for their daughters and granddaughters. Let me know if you’ll be blogging along with me during the study, and I’ll add you to our list of groups.

Have a great weekend!

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5 thoughts on “Our School Journal: Entry 28

  1. All my baby birds

    Good for you for planning, I just cannot use a planner switch things up to often to my kids interests. When are you due?

    I don’t go so formal with science St. That she I just follow interests and lots of hands on nature stuff. Sometimes we get science fair type books from the library and fo lots og hands on how’s foes it work type stuff.

    I enjoyed reading about your week.

  2. I can’t wait to read your app review. I use Homeschool Tracker for planning, and I love it, but I’m an iProduct junkie. I own them all. lol

    We use Apologia and it is fabulous. I first used it (astronomy to be specific) with my advanced Ker and, while she did get a lot out of it, she would’ve gotten a lot more if she’d been older. We held off on using it again for a couple of years. (We used Sonlight science for a coupleof years.) Astronomy is the easiest one in the series, maybe if you could borrow a copy and see how it would fit for your child.

    The series is just fabulous and it really gets you to appreciate how amazing God’s creation is. And we just love the conversational style of the books. I just love it. I’ve learned tons from it myself.

    Popping in from Homeschool Creations.

  3. I will keep you in my prayers as you near the end of your pregnancy!

    I am using Apologia with our children this year. For the 2nd and 4th graders, I also purchased the Junior Notebooking Journal and it has made it so interesting for them and is on their level! 🙂 Good luck in making the decision. I know it is coming on that time of year where we all start to decide what to use/discard.

    I hope you and your family have a happy New Year!

  4. I love Apologia Science but I leave off until middle school. Before that we use only living books. I will add, however, that Apologia is written out in an almost-story form that fits well into our living books approach.

    Dropping by from the HMJ

  5. Oooooh I can’t wait to read more on the app review. I make my lesson plans in excel. I have a tab for everyone. Thanks for linking up to TGIF! Happy New Year,
    Beth =-)

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