A Favorite Christmas Tale

I wanted to share one of our favorite Christmas stories. We were given this story for Christmas a couple of years ago, and each Christmas I bring it out for lots of fun memories. It stays on our living room footstool (our “coffee table”) through the holiday season. The kids have everyone read it—my husband and I, visiting grandparents, guests who happen to stop by our house and happen to sit next to the book, etc.

The Last Straw

The story is about an old camel who is chosen to bear gifts to the baby King Jesus. He mutters and complains through the story, arrogantly attempting to appear stronger than he feels, until he finally makes his way to Bethlehem and to the baby King. Then, his legs finally give way under the weight of his burden and he falls to his knees before Jesus. He is embarrassed until he realizes that it is the right place for him to be.

Suddenly, he understands his arrogance and selfishness and learns to carry all of his burdens willingly, no matter how great or small.

Not only is the lesson of the story very moving, the tale is beautifully told and a lot of fun to read.