Our School Journal: Entry 26

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In my life this week…

I’ve been learning a little bit about taking the time to take care of myself. It’s an awkward lesson, and I sometimes feel lazy and selfish while I’m learning it. But then, sometimes you’re body just says, “Enough!” And I guess I’m trying to learn to listen to that sound.

One night this week, thanks to my awesome husband, I went to bed at 9pm and didn’t wake up until 8am. It was glorious!

In our homeschool this week…

After last week’s mayhem and mishaps, this week went a little better. I’ve already received some of the flashcards that I ordered to round out my son’s math study, and I had a few other homeschool praises.

I’ve also been working on organizing our school room. Our long-awaited file cabinets finally made it from my husband’s church office to our school room, and I finally got around to emptying out some of the files to make room for our stuff. Even just one drawer freed up so much space for us!

I’d been working from file boxes—three different ones to be exact—two for Letter of the Week material and one for math. Now, all the files from those three boxes fit nicely in one file cabinet drawer, as well as my organizer for some pre-writing exercises with wipe pens and my box of motivational stickers.

What did I do with all that extra space in my cabinet? Well, for one, I finally got all of my tempura paints, brushes, and plaster of paris off the top of the school counter. Those supplies have nested there for several months. So glad to see the top of that counter again, even if it does need some dusting.

And I’m not done, by any stretch. But we’re getting there. One small step.

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…

Get the extras that your curriculum recommends. In the end it’s cheaper than buying a whole new curriculum.

My favorite thing this week was…

A few weeks back, during our Egypt study, I had an Imax film from Netflix that the kids watched. I wasn’t sure how well it would go over, considering the type of film it was and the ages of my kiddos. But it was such a hit that my son asked yesterday if we were going to get to watch a movie about India. Guess I better go update my Netflix queue.

What’s working/not working for us…

My son’s reading is clipping along at an astounding pace. I noticed in disbelief the other day that we have two reading books, two more special sounds, and only thirty lessons left in K5 phonics. Of course, that doesn’t translate into 30 days left because of how I’m breaking up the lessons. But I am hoping to stretch his work out until just before the baby comes.

Math has made some drastic improvements, and my hope is that, when the rest of the flashcards arrive, our pace in that subject moves along more smoothly too. I did download the cutest math songs from iTunes the other day. And they have totally transformed the mood of our math time. I’m so thankful for that.

The little one is definitely getting the hang of her letters in her preschool, and we have settled into a nice routine with that. I suspect she’ll be finishing her letters about the same time we finish up K5 reading with my son.

Questions/thoughts I have…

For those who think I’m trying to get my son graduated before he’s twelve, my goal is actually just to get him reading well before next year—I’m not worrying about grade level too much right now. (And I want to make sure that we have plenty of time to adjust to a new baby without getting “behind”).

Next year for first grade, we’ll be starting the Tapestry of Grace curriculum, and I absolutely can’t wait! It’s a pretty reading-intensive program from all that I hear.

Has anyone else used Tapestry or heard of others who have used it? Any advice for purchasing and/or prepping that material before next year (considering my time will soon be divided three ways)?

I’m reading…

The Well-Educated Mind by Susan Wise-Bauer: It is a great book on how to read and study a book. And I’ve learned something interesting already. Did you know that the first ladies book clubs were intended for self-education? Since women were not granted college educations as freely as they are today, women started book clubs to read and discuss the Great Books and to educate themselves.

So, anyone want to read the Iliad with me? Nobody? Ah well, have a super weekend then, and I hope to see you again on Monday.

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  1. Great job on organizing your school space! A good friend of mine used TOG and LOVED it. Our library was good about finding all the books she needed for her – she just gave them a list at the beginning of the year and told them when she needed them! It looks like a neat study – have fun with it! Visiting from the Preschool Corner!

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