Homeschool Praises and Answers to Prayer

In our last school journal entry, I mentioned a few setbacks and mishaps from our week. It happens, doesn’t it? The best laid plans are often wrecked by life in motion. But then, there are the whispers of God’s grace.

The CD player that I inadvertently broke last week.

Not only is this a big part of my son’s quiet time activity (his audio books), but it is a huge part of our homeschool day. Our classical music study, our geography songs—I use my CD player every day. The prospect of having to buy a new one, because I forgot to take the CD off pause and burned out the spinner, was very depressing. So on Monday, before I gathered it up to haul to the GoodWill, I gave it one last chance to revive itself. And it did! That spinner came back to life, and I heard the beautiful sounds of “The British Isles” from our geography CD. What a glorious moment! And, in the words of my son, praise the Lord!

Math struggles and missing resources.

I also recounted how I had cut too many corners in my math purchases and neglected to purchase some flashcards for our curriculum. Now, in the throes of addition and skip counting, I was really missing those resources. Once again, the Lord proved His goodness. Through ebay and Amazon, I was able to get used flashcards—all that I needed and I saved nearly $50!

Also, I found the cutest songs to teach skip counting and the fun of math (Leap Frog Learning Songs: “Math is Everywhere” and “Skip Counting”). I got mine from iTunes, but they are also available on Amazon. And because I could purchase the individual MP3 files, it only cost me $2. Another huge savings and a valuable investment. Let me just say that those two songs have worked to totally transform my son’s attitude toward math. Both the flashcards and the songs are definite answers to some serious prayers.

Homeschooling is hard work. It’s constant problem solving. But in the midst of educating our children, we learn the most valuable lesson of all: God’s grace is sufficient.

What are some of your homeschool answers to prayer?

2 thoughts on “Homeschool Praises and Answers to Prayer

  1. Just finding a workable schedule for us was an answer to prayer. With a toddler, it is really difficult to have time where the kids aren’t distracted by her. The schedule is not what we planned…we had to be flexible, but I’m so thankful God helped me let go of my preconceived ideas! From what I gather, that has to happen a lot with homeschooling!

  2. I am so glad to hear that things worked out! God has found solutions to so many of our homeschooling problems – incorporating a toddler into our lessons, working around activities, homeschooling while sick, etc. Homeschooling is hard work, but it is wonderful!

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