Our School Journal—Entry 25

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In my life this week…

I’ve got my ebook published on Kindle and Nook, in addition to the PDF. I can’t tell you how exciting that is, and how extremely relieving it is to have it finished! You can see more about it at my website PrayingProverbs31.com, and I’m offering a special discount to my Homeschool Mother’s Journal friends. Enter the code HMJ at checkout to see what it is!

I’ve also reached the six months mark of my pregnancy. Part of me can’t believe we are so close, and the other part of me can’t believe we’re not any closer. We’ve opted for a surprise rather than finding out the gender, although many friends and family have very definite opinions on what it will be, including my daughter. She is absolutely determined to have a sister. Yet, my mom-instinct is thinking it’s a boy. Hmmm.  So, we keep trying to stress the lesson that we’ll be happy with either one.

In our homeschool this week…

It’s been a week of discovery and learning for me even more than for the kids. School has gone relatively well, but my son has plodded through math. I even spent some time this week checking out other math curriculums, only to decide that what we are using is really what I want to use and has all of the advantages that I would look for in a replacement curriculum—so why replace?

I did discover something else, though. I cut too many corners in my budget for math. I like the strategy and philosophy of A Beka math for the younger grades. And I really liked that it was considerably cheaper than other curriculums. But in taking advantage of the savings, I didn’t purchase all of the flashcards and recommended products that I probably should have invested in. Lesson learned. I think a set of A Beka flashcards would make a world of difference with the A Beka math curriculum, especially considering how well he has done with the A Beka reading curriculum.

Ah well. Live and learn, right? So I’m off to ebay to shop for used flashcards.

Places we’ve been…

Our homeschool co-op Christmas party! The kids had such a great time. And, once again, Mommy forgot to take the camera. Can I blame it on baby brain?

Other Mishaps…

We were singing along to our geography songs the other day, and I put our CD player on pause. Well, you guessed it. I forgot to come back to it. The next day, when it was time to sing again, the CD spinner on the player had burned out. So, my son, who uses the player quite often for his audio books during quiet time, had to learn the lesson of forgiving Mommy and showing a gracious spirit toward her faults.

Next on the list of mishaps this week, I burned supper. Scorched might be a better word. It was a “quick” supper occasion, so I’d pulled out the mini corn dogs from the freezer and carefully read the directions: six frozen corn dogs, six minutes, on a microwave safe plate. I figured that must mean a minute a corn dog; and since my children would not eat six each, I set four corn dogs on a microwave safe plastic kid’s dish for four minutes. And, like any attentive mother, left the room to mediate a disagreement. I came back four minutes later to a kitchen filled with smoke. When I opened the microwave, smoke billowed out of it. The mini corn dogs were absolute ash, and the the bottom of the plate had melted completely out! WOW! So much for following directions.

Those probably aren’t my only homeschool mishaps this week, but they are the only ones I care to disclose. Just in case someone thought we looked too perfect on the blog, now you know what really goes on behind the scenes.

Hope your week was a little less eventful than ours! Have a great weekend and see you back on Monday.


9 thoughts on “Our School Journal—Entry 25

  1. I spent so much money researching and changing my mind about our math… it was crazy!! But I agree with you, the flashcards are necessary. I tried to go without myself and the drills are just what worked for us too.

    Congrats on your book!!

    • Post Author Tracy

      Thanks for the encouragement! I thought maybe I could just use any set of flashcards, too. But I think it will make a huge difference to use the ones design to go with the curriculum.

  2. I appreciate your honesty of your behind the scenes moments in “other mishaps.” So many people think homeschoolers have perfect lives, perfect children, perfect homes, etc. HA! The chaos in my home would make people’s jaws drop sometimes. LOL

    • Post Author Tracy

      LOL. I totally agree! Even my husband is stunned sometimes, like when he arrives home and opens the door to a big cloud of smoke. Oh well. I guess the Lord knows we need the reminder that we are not SUPERMOM after all.

  3. Congratulations on your ebook launch! Monday was the launch date for mine as well! I love your cover and the book sounds great…I hope it does really well.

    Loved that you shared your mishaps…I think all of us can relate.

  4. Oh my lands! I often burned things while pregnant…sigh. I think it’s okay. Congrats on your ebook! It seemed like it took us quite some time to find the right math. You just have to find what works for you and your kiddos! Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Yea for Surprise Babies!!! I’ve only had 1 surprise (out of 6), and he was a boy. 🙂 If we’re blessed by pregnancy again, I’ll DEFINITELY be keeping it a surprise. It’s so much fun that way!!

    • Post Author Tracy

      It is so much fun, especially right now with everyone weighing in with their opinions and wive’s tales. It gets everyone involved in an entirely different way. And the moment of “reveal” is truly special. Can’t wait!

  6. I love reading blogs that show that they are not perfect. It makes me feel right at home.
    I admire all of you that are waiting to see what your new little one will be.
    Stopping by from the HMJ.

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